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We must all die … And whether our death occurs expected or unexpected, begins a new life for the families, we leave us.

To this difficult period should not start with that the bereaved must have speculation about what thoughts we ourselves have done us about what will happen after our death, everyone has the opportunity to fill in the document “My last will in Birmingham”. (My last will document also referred to, as my last will form or my last will form.)

With My last will, you will be given the opportunity to pass on some of the thoughts that you have made yourself about your removal of this earth. For on the way to show respect to your survivors and ensure that they do not have any doubts about your desires at the funeral. It can therefore be a good idea to get filled in and saved My last will.

Regardless of whether you have spoken openly about death in the family, it is always a support for the bereaved to know that the decisions that will be taken, in accordance with your own wishes.

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You should be aware that it is often not enough that your wishes about the funeral is included in your will. This is due to the will often only be opened after the funeral/cremation has taken place. It is therefore important that a My last will document is a place where it will be found within the burial/cremation. For example my last will put the document along with your personal papers when you have completed and signed it.

At the Funeral Service, we consider My last will document as the deceased’s intimation of how elapsed after death should be accompanied by will writing Birmingham, and not as an indication of the fact that it must be performed by a particular funeral director or funeral business. The bereaved may therefore contact with Funeral Service regardless of where a My last will of the deceased’s last document would have come from, like your survivor can choose the funeral business they wish to use, when you use our form.

You can obtain a My last will document in our stores, or you can write to us and order the document.

You can also download “My last will” here. Document can be filled out on the computer and printed or saved as a file. If you you save My last will “as a file, you have the option to edit the document on an ongoing basis. You have also the opportunity to share the file with your family, via for example.

Probate Court

In connection with the deaths, an estate shall be dealt with in bankruptcy court.

If you don’t even make you something to start processing of a deceased estate, the Probate Court will convene a meeting on death.
At this meeting, the bankruptcy court must have all information about inheritance relationships, wills and financial information on the date of death. Prior to this meeting can not be disposed of the deceased’s assets.

You will be contacted by the Probate Court via E-Box or a letter asking you to call them to clarify death estate treatment.

Death is the bankruptcy court the authority that decides how a deceased estate needs changing. The bankruptcy court is at deaths so the body that determines which switch form death lived to change and will depend on, among other things. of hereditary conditions and the in death lived economic conditions.

Funeral Service notifies the Probate Court about a death. Bankruptcy Court will then contact the person who is a critic of the death with less, there are agreed that the Funeral Service should treat death lived after the funeral.

You can read more about the legal and economic advice from Funerary Server here.

Decision on burial or interment

It is the deceased’s next of kin, who will decide whether the deceased must be buried or burned after a death, if that does not produce a written wish, in the form of, for example. Testament/My last will of the deceased themselves. Parish Office in deceased’s parish must take account of these wishes. If there is disagreement in the family, whether the deceased must be buried or burned (cremated), the parish authority ask the bankruptcy court make the decision by a death. This decision cannot be appealed.

The caregivers (family or next of kin) to the deceased have the right to take care of the funeral, but has no obligation to do so. If no one will arrange for the funeral, the municipality will take over responsibility for the funeral. In this case, the relatives lose all rights in relation to the impact on the burial plot, which includes choice of casket, funeral director , etc., as well as the right to intervene in death the estate.